Kennel Sponsorship

Please consider the opportunity to sponsor a kennel at either the Hobbs Animal Adoption Center or the Lovington Animal Shelter. The cost of sponsoring a kennel is $1,200 per year, and $2,400 to sponsor a room, such as the rooms in which cats are displayed adjoining the lobby of the Hobbs Center. Monies from that sponsorship will also pay for a plaque with the name of your business to be displayed on the kennel or room. 

The money from your sponsorship will help offset Humane Society costs for the following:

  • Assistance with spay and neuter surgeries, and shot clinics
  • Participation in educational events such as visits by elementary schools to the Hobbs facility
  • Humane Society employees to facilitate adoptions and socialize animals
  • Hosting adoption events and Humane Society-sponsored adoptions (The Humane Society paid for adoptions of dogs and cats in both Hobbs and Lovington in October 2013)
  • Assistance with transports of animals to foster homes and rescue facilities, and with the information on the Internet that is necessary for foster and rescue, such as pictures of dogs and cats and specific information about them

In recent months, much work has been done to ensure that animals are adopted into caring homes. We have made significant progress in fostering animals (waiting to be adopted) and transporting animals from Hobbs to rescue facilities and to homes out of Lea County and sometimes out of state. We are working hard to see that the public is educated in proper care of pets and appreciation of wildlife, and to see that ordinances for the welfare of animals are in place and enforced. Animals are very much a part of the quality of life in Lea County. In helping us, the Humane Society, you will be helping animals and the citizens of our community.